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Do you have the Power in you?

When my friend got into an altercation with another my classmate,a guy who intermediated to resolve the case turned up and advised "hey,why are you fighting with him? You know who his Dad is? Don't forget he is a rich business man.He's got money ,he's got power and he can do anything against you"

Isn't this how many of us think of Power - the richest man in the city or the one who can control others?

Searching different web pages for a rather philosphical meaning of Power,I ended up on the concept of 'Inner Purity' .Great peronalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King,Mother Teresa ,all influenced people not because of their bank balance .They were all 'authentic' .They were all true to oneself and open to all.They could change a community by being oneself.That is the 'True Eternal Power'. The earlier is just virtual,illusion and it perishes when one looses his material.

Do you have the power in you?

Have you ever attempted to know your self and asked "how can I make my life count for something?" ?

Have you been tired of fatigued of being suppresed of your ideas?

Do you love your self an give respect to others values like you do yourself ?

Do you have the direction in which your life is meant to go?

Have you got the access to your own spirit of soul ?

Are you in the right place at the right time?

To be onself is a human and univeral power which brings with it a cornucopia of blessings.Attaining openness is a life time endeavour and no body can make it all the way.We can just travel through the path as much as we can and something we learn day by day,implement in our lives.According to my web based research, here are some ways to begin the journey-

-Pay attention to the sourrounding,inwardly and outwardly.

-Try to think differently,don't be shy in doing that and its not a wrong thing to do .

-Soltitude is the heart of self knowledge.Amalgamation of ideas takes place only when we are left alone.Being alone will make us realize what is good and what is wrong for us.This process makes us tougher inwards and tenderer outwards. Trust me.I have the experience.

Life is a curious journey.It becomes more intersting when we start living with the 'True Power'.

Do you have the power in you?

Livin another festival season.

Unaffected by transformation through these years,

Life changed,routines modified,

People changed,styles westernized,

Cities changed,villages modernized,

Even season's patern took a U-turn,

Yet,the spirit,

the spirit of festivals remains unchanged.

Happy Diwali wishes to all of you.. :-p.

Another Diwali season on the way.Well its obvious everyone has had some moments from their previous celebrations that reverberates on and on and on.

I still remember my Onam when I was in eight standard.It was holiday time and we played cricket during holidays.I was 'bedazzled' when the superfast delivery from the pacer hit my 'balls' .Eventhough,intially they took it as a comedy,the tone changed when I fainted.The next day I saw myself on a bed in the second floor of nearby hospital.Celebrating a festival in the hospital ward turned out to be wonderful experince coz all my friends were around me .While discharging,the doctor asked me with a pleasing smile,"will you come here during next year also?? !! it was so cool having of you people here at this point of time"
I replied "hmmm..sir, then I will try playing cricket only next year at this same time .heh".

How is your experience all about? Love ,funny,affection anythin it may be...

A children's story.....back to my childishness...

Once upon a time there was a King in a place called Indirapuri. His name was Indiraputra.He was a wise king. He had two sons.Their name was Indraeesh and Indrajith. They were twins.One day King decided to hand over the throne,but he was confused to whom he should pass.So he decided to conduct a secret test.

He called both of them and ordered." We heard our neighbours are planning to capture our territory.My agents have informed me that they are preparing secret camps at our northern and southern borders.I need you both to go seperately in two directions and sort the issue as soon as possible.You can take the army with you if you want."

Indraeesh travelled to the north and Indrajith to the south.Both of them took one thirds of the army with them .But as per the instruction of the King,the army started acting as if they have been affected by food poison.All the soldiers were down.

Indraeesh was puzzled .His ministers adviced him to return back and it is dangerous to negotiate with the neighbours without proper strength.Indraeesh not knowing what to do returned back.

Indrajith was unmoved by the setback of his army.His ministers also asked him not to go ,but Indrajith adviced them to take rest and he will manage the situation himself.He ordered them not to wait for him if he didn't return after two days and assume that he is dead.He continued his travel all alone.At the borderline there was no one. Instead he found a note.

-/// One who wishes the welfare of his people than his own welfare is the Real King. He should not get much influenced from others and should be able to asses the situations by himself.

You have reached that level my son.Come back and accept the throne of Indrapradesh./// -

The rest is history.Indrajith ruled the country for many many years and was the greatest ruler of Inrapuri.

Recently ,my friend's little sister narrted this story to me.The old pictures of Balarama Amarchitrkatha,Twinkle ,Spiderman,Superman and all those comic books came into my mind like a flash.I wanted to be a child again.he he..No need to work,no need to earn,no need to cook,no need to know about anything and no responsibilities.

But then, next day I realized it's just another discontentment of my mind.

Have you ever felt like you would love to become a child again ??...atleast one more time...What do you think of it? I know it is never gonna happen again.But still..

A painful Reality. 8-(

A break .... I took it purposefully.I just wanted to know how and what impact one's in-activeness can cause.I just wanted to experience the pain of how to control our addiction (recently,blogging became my passion).Well I got the results.

Its impossible to resist our addictions.No wonder why smokers and drinkers take too much pain ( I understood your problem,you guys..!! heh). And the impact, its directly proportional as I have noticed my viewership count per day going down steeply and sharply.Also the number of response reduced.

Now , straight to the business.I was deprived of the 'scenery' of extreme poverty and slum based life until I had a recent tour to central India.An incident I came across during my life's flow is still clinging in me like a bell all the time.Its irritating.It cannot be purely classified into the group of 'incident' but its actually the reality.Reality of a 'Shining ' 'developing' nation or a third world country...

This city has got unique mode of city travels.Minibuses,Magiks ans rickshaws makes the face of the city.My experience with the minibus started with an unimpressive note when the money collector fooled me by demanding Rs 12 ticket instead of 5 .This resulted me in using Magiks more often than buses.Also Magiks were more comfortable,newer and cleaner.

One day when I was travelling in one of those magiks ,a family of five boarded it.A father ,a mother and three children.They took the seat opposite to mine and so I could see their faces .I still remember the faces like a clear crystal.I could do it neither because they were looking attractive .In fact they were just like the one in millions of those who belonged to families of below average richness level .It was pathetic.

Three children ,one at most four years of age,another not more than two and the last may be a year old.But the eldest one and the second one never looked like one from their age .I assumed their age giving ample time gap in between.Anyone could see the extreme degree of under-nutrition on their faces.Their face dia was just equal to the smallest of the cabbages you can buy from the market.Their eyes were drooping and they were silent .The youngest one was hardly visible and he was tightly secured in his mothers arms.The condition of the mother and father were equally worse likt these children.Maybe they have suffered even more difficult times during their childhood.Who knows eh..!

As I watched ,they detrained from the vehicle and went into oblivion...

Frankly speaking , I am experiencing this for the first time..this is the India's other side of the coin.I guess the situations in other third world countries are similar.There may be billions of people across the continent who share the same misfortunes.There are many things which we haven't seen and we haven't heard.There are many.Can I do something for them? I don't know yet.For some problems, its hard to get solutions.

Is there any sort of solution? At least in the smallest of ways? Please share it . Please.

Tagged for the first time..!!!

First of all SORRY for ,for being so late to respond.

Sorry A.S ...But better late than never na..and I am here..
And it was such a coincidence that when I was deciding for my comeback,I have been tagged!!!
This is the first time I am being tagged. Thank You A.S. :-p. You are so Sweet..

The rules are thus…
You can only say Guilty or Innocent
RULE 2You are not allowed to explain anything un
less someone messages you and asks!
Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends to answer this.

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent

Ever told a lie? Guilty,Guilty ,Guilty...

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty,Guilty

Kissed a picture? Guilty

Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent

Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty,Guilty,Guilty...
Held a snake? Innocent

Been suspended from school? Guilty

Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent

Stolen from a store? Guilty,Guilty
Been fired from a job? Innocent

Done something you regret? Guilty

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent

Kissed in the rain? Innocent

Sat on a roof top? Guilty

Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent

Sang in the shower? Guilty.

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent

Shaved your head? Innocent

Had a boxing membership? Innocent.
Made a girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Guilty

Been in a band? Innocent

Shot a gun? Innocent

Donated Blood? Innocent

Eaten alligator meat? Innocent
Eaten cheesecake? Innocent

Still love someone you shouldn’t? Guilty

Have/had a tattoo? Guilty

Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty

Been too honest? Guilty
Ruined a surprise? Guilty

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterwards? Innocent

Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty

Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Innocent

Joined a pageant? Innocent

Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty
Had communication with your ex? Innocent

Got totally drunk on the night before exam?Guilty
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty

And these are my preys.......


so Enjoy..!!

Mansoon Effect.

Last night it was heavy raining that it was too cold to wake up today.Time was around 8.00 a.m and I was still on my bed thinking of giving a break to my work.Under the blanket,I felt like floating in the arctic sea.Cold kept creeping into the body through my legs,but it was a nice feeling.

"Ohm Mangalam Mangalam.........." It was my mobile.

"Arae you didn't wake till now?Come wake up.Its already late for you." As usual it was my mother.She always does this to me.eh.

"Hello..Amma ..I will.You don't have to tell this everyday.Can't you see ,I have grown up." I was rather disturbed and I was arrogant.She cut the call. I resumed my sleep.

"Ohm Mangalam Mangalam........" Again this stupid thing...!

"Hey...my Hero ....still sleeping kya? Wake up wake up.I have 10 minutes time to talk with you."The sound was sweet and feminine and she was my Girl friend ( sorry mum..I have never told you).But sometimes upsetting our sleep by the most sugarful voice is disgusting.

"Yea...oney............tell..I 'll listen..eh. " I was half sleeping.

She was talking and talking.I was unintersetd in everything and responded with a mere hum.

"Hey ..why you not talking anything? come on da."

"Da..I will call you after some time. I am little busy now .Please yaar."

"eh..You don show the same affection you showed to me earlier.I will show you" She shouted at me and ended the call.

Shit..!eh..But at that moment all I wanted to concentrate was my sleep.

"Ohm Mangalam Mangalam......... " Who invented this bullshit..? I was really really frustrated with this crap equipment.

"Helllllo....." I fear my sound went tough this time.

"I am Mr.Devashish "

"Oh..Sir, Good morning Sir."I should have checked the number before yelling.eh.Sure I will get from him for this.

"Your presentation is assigned at 8.30 right? Its already 8.15...Where are you? Guess you are on your way . Try to speed up.We all are waiting for you."

"Sir..yes sir..I am on my way...Will reach in 10 minutes."I had no other option.

" 10 mins?? I must see you here in 5 mins"

" Sir ,I am trying.but its blocked over here"

"okkey...come fast"

I finished the call and looked at the clock.I could do nothing but laugh.
Hmmm...this may be what is called a 'Monsoon Effect' !!!

Guess you had similar experiences na? Am I alone?

When clock rotated backwards....a Reunion...

Time span takes a lot from us.It makes us more responsible and more eccentric.It loots our youthfulness and free flying life.It poles our friendships,school, college,by at least the physical presence.It promotes us to get settled.

Recently,the wedding party of my friend's sister turned out to a rostrum for a reunion.The memories flown back to each of our mind like tides receding the shore.Those days in our college,inseparable friendships,laugh-outs and pulling legs and eventually with the mix of time got dispersed into different corners of life. eh..Nostalgia..No one could resist it.A feeling that's so amazing and joyful for moments and later when we are alone, assemblage as an aggregate of ecstatic yesterday and painful today.Some of us last saw each other almost a year back.But last Saturday,the same 'time element' brought us together,rewinding those good old recollections.

All friendships starts from silly chats,dialogues,laugh outs,
freak outs,sketching(chick watching.. :-p. ),smokes and drinks ( hot or cold).Everyone preserved these flavours and it was magnificently visible at the party and thereafter.By the way, we met each other for the first time in a year at our great Bay Pride Mall (the heaviest collection center in Cochin...lolz..) We also gave a visit to the Convent junction (St.Teresa convent junction is always famous for the nearby women's college ) and paid our tribute to the hottest babes.Being Saturday the population was less than normal, but we adjusted.In search of more beauties,we moved to Oberon Mall, the new outing space of Cochin.It was better and sketched to the core (ha ha wat else we will do there ? eh). We oscillated up and down like a spring just out of stress and the escalators helped us to catch our preys pretty quick.It could have made easier for us if they had provided sitting corners.Standing for three or so hours was a bit hard which lazy guys like us never used to do.

Our next pit stop was day before the marriage ceremony ( mailanji kalyanam) and at night our celebrations started with as usually our favourite drinks(!!!) .The guitarist played his guitar and it was fun.Songs came out from everyone (even from the most silent one.. is that me?? eh) .Nenjukkul paithidum,minnalazhake ,pappa kehate hai,summer of sixty nine , and many other rock songs.Those moments were truly magical.Frankly, I never thought it would be such a beautiful one.Enjoyment was to the fullest(if there is a word like that),forgetting all the sorrows and miseries of the recession hard hit college after days.Even the patrol police stopped a few minutes in front of our gates because such was the level of noise at 12 am midnight.But after some silent filled minutes,we blabbered and blabbered and blabbered .It seemed endless until 3 - 3.30 when the toll of sleepiness creeped into our head.I hoped it could carried on for ever.But life's reality is a different one na..heh.

Next day ,we attended the marriage .Some of our friends who couldn't make it for the day before party came on that day.Happy that I could see them also.In Kerala ,marriages are during day time unlike those in Northern India.The lunch was heavy.Then we had some photo sessions with the bride and groom and our own (ha ha) on the stage.Time constrained our plans for any further trips.So we decided to feel the breeze of Aluva Manalppuram and the Periyar river side.Sun was blazing but it was fun.And sad that it was the disseminating point.Some had to catch the bus,train.Some had to join their work.Some had to travel back to home and some had other business.Two days where like two years.I guess all of us underwent the same feelings and emotions as I did or better than I did.

And this is a part of life.Mix of happiness and unhappiness.A pastry of dear one around us and loneliness.Now I am alone.I know tomorrow also I will be alone.But ,I can see there is a day when we can meet again like this.There where some others who missed this.I dedicate this blog to all those whom I missed there.There is no need of thanking our sweet friend for inviting all us us coz even without inviting we would have poached the function.'We don have any shame' lolz..His sister is ours sister too..Obviously its our duty na..

One thing I understood.We enjoyed our college life and we miss those days now.I also found out an intersting fact - even if one starts earning in lakhs,even if one is not working ,even if one is pursuing masters degree from hign profile college,even if from a low profile college, even if we are meeting after a long time ,we will remain as 'WE' for ever.Character never changes ..never!!!We will be friends for ever.And ever.

I am hundred percent sure ,everyone had their own unions and reunions.How was yours??

An experiment with colours...

The first work after I re-discovered the ARTIST in me ....

For Six years ,I was out of touch,
For Six years,I never saw the brush.
I thought I had forgotten the colours,
I thought my tubes were dry and my pallet was lost...

But,Somewhere down the line,it was still there...And here it came...

The world after our death...

'"How will be the world after our death looking like ? "I asked this question to my mother.She was washing plates and uninterestingly she replied,"aah..I don't know.I am alive now and never ask such questions to me."She was irritated by my doubt .

I asked the same question to my brother."nah..I 've no idea..better you put an sms to my cell after you die,......Hell , may be..heh..atleast I will know that when I am alive" . In a flashhe responded. " Sure da..but I don't know whether the mobile network is available over there..huh..".I ran away from him.

I brought this question when I was chatting with my friend who just came from abroad." Ha ha..No one is bothered to see the world properly when
they are alive.Then why are you bothered to see world after death? "...."hmmm...That's true"..I whispered.

" Nonsense! I have no time to answer your foolish question" my dad responded a little harshly because I was interupting his work.I have no other choice other than to leave his place without any answer.

When I got back home,my mum's 6th standard tuition kid was sitting there with his face doomed into his english textbook.I decided to try my luck on
The kid replied ,"hey I guess its easy..If we donate your eyes after your death we can see world through another person na....hehe.. how is my idea?"....

Wow !!...What an innocent and honest reply...I never thought of such an option.But a child like him did..! eh..I realized it was some sort of answer I was looking for..."Well done boy and thanks for your answer".I said ,with a hug.

What is your answer ?? Well, is there any better answer than this?

A look back to my village...

I spent a large chunk of my educational days in rural-semi rural regions of Kerala.When we shifted to Cochin,obviously it was a hard process for me to cop up with the so called metropolitan life.
I often found it dificult to perch between my traditional thoughts and city concepts.
Earlier at times,I thought it better for me to go back to my village .The mechanical life,the daily hurry- burry,tension,pollution,hard life...these were the general perception of mine about a city.

Last week I had a trip back to my village after a very long time and I couldn't resist recalling those good old days.Thinking of those days in Edathuva,23 kms southeast of Alleppey,the aura still keeps coming ...from somewhere,some how...The memory owerpowered me like a salt tide flooding into an estuary.

Cuckoos where the first one to wake me up every morning.Even before my mother.They were like natural alarms.Evenmore efficient and never needed any batteries to run on. En route to my school ,the paddy fields ,elaborate network of canals bringing water and wet cows mazing tender green grass were too good scenes that I never remeber to forget.

The air was fresh even in the afternoons and when I was back from my school,I never felt any tiredness.I still remember...I rush to the near by uncultivated paddy field where we childhood friends played cricket and football according to the seasons.When it was raining,we prefered football and got mixed with the soil and digged the land better than how a tractor does.

I cherished my summer days.Cricket was the main sport but the 'stadium' remained the same.Even though I was the worst cricketer on the pitch,it was just a fun soaking under the heat of sun and a mild sun stroke.Visitng my relatives was the next big hobby.Used to get a boat or an ordinary trademark transport bus with busted edges and leaking roofs .

Rains made my village gorgeous and she was more sexy during this period of the year.The light greens,brown shades turned into intense green with a bluish ingrain.The river often flooded and I could easliy touch the water within two steps down my house's front door.At this time,even a seeve was enough for me to do fishing .

I learned to swin in the sacred river Pamba which brused up the banks near my house.Instead of tubes,we used fiber stem of banana trees that always listened to the bouyancy theory.

My pets cows,dogs,cats....roosteers,ducks,crows,kooyil,sparrow,humming birds....and occasional visitors like rat-snakes,cobras,mangoose etc etc.

The festivals..onam,vishu,christmas etc...there it was a heritage ..the Utsavams in temples and Perunals in churches...it was a celebration...the boat races...etc etc.No matter whether its happiness or sorrow,the men over there shared it around a bottle at Toddy Shops(Kallu Shap).

Eh..It was a time....And now I am a transformed metro man....But deep in my inner mind,I would like to remain as a village boy..For always and forever..

Tribute to the King of Pop...

Today I woke at 5.30 a.m as I had to pick my dad from railway station.It was drizziling outside.Cloudy,gloomy and dark...Felt as if it's going to be a mournful day.Hoping that I'll be proved wroved wrong,I went to railway station.
Came back home ,I could'nt restart my sleep.I tuned into the system and opened my orkut.Searching for any transfer news in the manchester united's community,First forum I saw was (off topic) Michael Jackson died.At first I thought it was just a spam.Just to fool others.Their was a link inside http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8119951.stm.

Opening BBC New's link I was shocked.I rushed to TV in search of more reliable options.CNN,BBC,IBN,Times Now...all reporting the same.
I couldn't speak anything for a moment.Shellshocked was I felled on to my sofa.Is this just another bad dream?? Hmm..I really wished it was..I wished that topic was a spam...
I don't remember any other celebrity who has achieved much as fame as MJ and attracted controversies like he did.He revolutionized the pop music ..The passion,happiness and love associated with his songs were just magical..hypnotizing.
Off the wall ,Thriller,Bad,Dangerous,History,Invincible...
Beat it..,Bilie Jean,.rock with you,Human nature,Smooth criminal,ABC,Shake Your Body,Heal the world......

His stage shows...His moon walks...his electrified performances ...

Striffs he indulged with...accusations,sex scandels,child sex,court battles,marriages...Even those incidences never brought his image down.

His complicated life style..personality..celebrity..worldwide fan base..his achievements..fame..glory..

At 50...much was left in him.
We are going to miss everything.....His 50 comback concerts tipped for starting next month..evrything...
I am off.....gonna stop writing about him now...I don't know how to respond.More I'm writing more bad I am feeling.
Only his body is going to dematerialize ..his soul,his songs,his magic ...it's imortal.

I was thinking...the elements of unpredictability in life sometimes turn out to be such a cruel business.

May his soul rest in peace....Long live his music...


I was on a journey back to Cochin all the way from Aleppey.Sitting on the front non driver seat, not an easy job for me these days.In fact travels are not a fascination for me anymore.I tried to escape myself from this stinky feelin by bidding into the Sidney Sheldon thriller, I recently bought from a bookfest at a reduced cost.The accelerating air in to my face explained me the principles of air resistance and fluid motion.Still I tried to keep my eyes open,but I was failed attrociously .I was into a dream....

I was in somewhere , an unknown place, a city ,a calm environmen.Its almost a faint memmory and too hard to figure it out .So I am going to assume some names to these places (just for the sake of reading).Guess it was Santiago,Chile's capital.Today's Sancahram in Asianet News was about this Chilean Capital.So obviously it may be the same place.But to my wonder, there was a lady with me.I dont know ...Who she is? From where did she come? And was she really with me?eh. I remember her face covered in the mist.Was she a latin american beauty?A european goddess an asian angel or an indian diva ?Any way I was enjoying my moments with her.The president's palace, fountain,spanish & french sculputres,landscapes,blue daisies, every where we went ,it was so joyful.As if we were in contract of a bollywood film,it took seconds to swap from place to place.Were we dancing??Hmm guess not.huh.Chatting,chatting,chatting...that was we were doing all the time.What was the subject? ...I have no idea.I think she was enjoying like I was.We were sitting opposite each other across the dazzling table in Lou Vicente Santana Cafe.Her face was like a shade under the dim candle light.I was noting out the menu card and that is the way I remembers the cafe name.Waiting after the orders,we resumed our talk.And that moment came when I ,she leaned forward for a romantic kiss.I inclide my head best suiting for the kiss and her eyes were closed.But suddenly the lights went off and a jet of strong wind hit me....

I heard my brother screaming at me."Hey u sleeping huh? We reached the Arookutti toll.Do you have 5rs for it? I am not having any coin." With not much time to spend static,I hurried in my pocket and settled the bill.I was annoyed,though they never knew what was i doin eh..So no complaints.I tried to restart my tape of dream but it never happend.By the time we reached our parking lot.There she went .Went with the wind.I wished it was an eternal dream.Unceasing and timeless ,filled with all the buoyant mood on this earth.Was she the one I was looking for?I wonder...will this lady and this dream ever return to me.I hope so.Waiting...and waiting...


Political Drama.

Today I got a mail with these pictures..
I understood how nasty are our political dramas....

Plastic tub used by Rahul Gandhi and hardly can see any stone in it.The lady moving on barefoots where Rahul on his canvas.For what is he doing for? eh
Born with golden ring na...how can he sacrifice his luxury ? huh. Is he seeing the millions who are struggling for atleast a day's meal?
Anyway the pose was good for any snap for publicity.

Daily Money for Karunanidhi(DMK)

Fasting for the tamilians in srilanka... Had his breakfast ,started 'fasting' and by noon, ceasefire was announced by Srilankan govt ,fasting ended ,had his lunch...
Look the way he is resting..with air conditioners working on his side...!! huh..can't he survive even a half day without them when millions work suffering the summer heat.
Oh..he is sacrificing a lot for the welfare of 'his' people !!!

I am embarrassed ..But realizing that these frames helped in enhancing their political image, there is no use me getting shamefaced . Come on....this is what is called 'POLITRICKS'.
What more should I expect from them? huh.


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