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Do you have the Power in you?

When my friend got into an altercation with another my classmate,a guy who intermediated to resolve the case turned up and advised "hey,why are you fighting with him? You know who his Dad is? Don't forget he is a rich business man.He's got money ,he's got power and he can do anything against you"

Isn't this how many of us think of Power - the richest man in the city or the one who can control others?

Searching different web pages for a rather philosphical meaning of Power,I ended up on the concept of 'Inner Purity' .Great peronalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King,Mother Teresa ,all influenced people not because of their bank balance .They were all 'authentic' .They were all true to oneself and open to all.They could change a community by being oneself.That is the 'True Eternal Power'. The earlier is just virtual,illusion and it perishes when one looses his material.

Do you have the power in you?

Have you ever attempted to know your self and asked "how can I make my life count for something?" ?

Have you been tired of fatigued of being suppresed of your ideas?

Do you love your self an give respect to others values like you do yourself ?

Do you have the direction in which your life is meant to go?

Have you got the access to your own spirit of soul ?

Are you in the right place at the right time?

To be onself is a human and univeral power which brings with it a cornucopia of blessings.Attaining openness is a life time endeavour and no body can make it all the way.We can just travel through the path as much as we can and something we learn day by day,implement in our lives.According to my web based research, here are some ways to begin the journey-

-Pay attention to the sourrounding,inwardly and outwardly.

-Try to think differently,don't be shy in doing that and its not a wrong thing to do .

-Soltitude is the heart of self knowledge.Amalgamation of ideas takes place only when we are left alone.Being alone will make us realize what is good and what is wrong for us.This process makes us tougher inwards and tenderer outwards. Trust me.I have the experience.

Life is a curious journey.It becomes more intersting when we start living with the 'True Power'.

Do you have the power in you?

Livin another festival season.

Unaffected by transformation through these years,

Life changed,routines modified,

People changed,styles westernized,

Cities changed,villages modernized,

Even season's patern took a U-turn,

Yet,the spirit,

the spirit of festivals remains unchanged.

Happy Diwali wishes to all of you.. :-p.

Another Diwali season on the way.Well its obvious everyone has had some moments from their previous celebrations that reverberates on and on and on.

I still remember my Onam when I was in eight standard.It was holiday time and we played cricket during holidays.I was 'bedazzled' when the superfast delivery from the pacer hit my 'balls' .Eventhough,intially they took it as a comedy,the tone changed when I fainted.The next day I saw myself on a bed in the second floor of nearby hospital.Celebrating a festival in the hospital ward turned out to be wonderful experince coz all my friends were around me .While discharging,the doctor asked me with a pleasing smile,"will you come here during next year also?? !! it was so cool having of you people here at this point of time"
I replied "hmmm..sir, then I will try playing cricket only next year at this same time .heh".

How is your experience all about? Love ,funny,affection anythin it may be...

A children's story.....back to my childishness...

Once upon a time there was a King in a place called Indirapuri. His name was Indiraputra.He was a wise king. He had two sons.Their name was Indraeesh and Indrajith. They were twins.One day King decided to hand over the throne,but he was confused to whom he should pass.So he decided to conduct a secret test.

He called both of them and ordered." We heard our neighbours are planning to capture our territory.My agents have informed me that they are preparing secret camps at our northern and southern borders.I need you both to go seperately in two directions and sort the issue as soon as possible.You can take the army with you if you want."

Indraeesh travelled to the north and Indrajith to the south.Both of them took one thirds of the army with them .But as per the instruction of the King,the army started acting as if they have been affected by food poison.All the soldiers were down.

Indraeesh was puzzled .His ministers adviced him to return back and it is dangerous to negotiate with the neighbours without proper strength.Indraeesh not knowing what to do returned back.

Indrajith was unmoved by the setback of his army.His ministers also asked him not to go ,but Indrajith adviced them to take rest and he will manage the situation himself.He ordered them not to wait for him if he didn't return after two days and assume that he is dead.He continued his travel all alone.At the borderline there was no one. Instead he found a note.

-/// One who wishes the welfare of his people than his own welfare is the Real King. He should not get much influenced from others and should be able to asses the situations by himself.

You have reached that level my son.Come back and accept the throne of Indrapradesh./// -

The rest is history.Indrajith ruled the country for many many years and was the greatest ruler of Inrapuri.

Recently ,my friend's little sister narrted this story to me.The old pictures of Balarama Amarchitrkatha,Twinkle ,Spiderman,Superman and all those comic books came into my mind like a flash.I wanted to be a child again.he he..No need to work,no need to earn,no need to cook,no need to know about anything and no responsibilities.

But then, next day I realized it's just another discontentment of my mind.

Have you ever felt like you would love to become a child again ??...atleast one more time...What do you think of it? I know it is never gonna happen again.But still..


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