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After Effect...

Some incident seems very strange ,some seems not.But now,I feel everything strange.It was all perfect until this happened last day.

After watching the action comedy serial CHUCK season 3 in AXN , I laid on my bed aimlessly,pointlessly and purposelessly.Soon I slipped into the usual repose mode.Later I woke an got dressed. I realize myself driving a Lambhorgini Revanton through a mid-lands highway chasing some Russian Agents.My ID Card read name as CHUCK BARTOWSKI,the FBI Undercover Spy.

En route,I touched Top Speed 205 MPH and next moment my Lambo got transformed into MV Agusta F4 CC .I felt floating as if there was the effect of magnetic levitation.

All of a sudden,the highway came to a dead - end.I was too little too late to apprehend depth of the trough and I was on a free fall.Somewhere down the lane I remember hearing the music 'Free Falling' by Tom Petty.

During the fall everything changed as I traveled down through a never ending hollow tube ,lights flashing all around with soft techno groove music and defying the Laws of gravitation .I closed my eyes while enduring a smooth transition.

Where am I now? Opening my eyes,I was astonished. I was in the middle of Old Trafford, 'The Theater of Dreams' ,wearing the legendary No 7 shirt.I could hear spectators chanting my name,Gaffer shouting from the touch line,players hustling -bustling for that while round ball. I felt very naive. what is this?

Yes..I was a Red Devil !!!! It was Manchester United taking on Chelsea on a crunch Sunday afternoon.Full time. Score tied at 1-1,last minute of Injury Time.Nani won a free kick withing the range.Unusually I stepped up to take the responsibility. I saw a huge wall of Chelsea players.My Heart Beat pounded.Ref whistled...I took a deep breath and unleashed myself.The Rest was History!!! I did a 'Bent it like Beckham' and the ball curled into the net.Its a GOAL!!!!Wild celebration followed;I got stacked by my fellas and I was at the bottom of a Manchester United Mountain.

Then I got a nod from someone.I soon realized those were my unorganized,fantasy dreams.I regained my consciousness and got dressed for my evening walk(this time for real).Got out of my house..wait a sec.How come I living in Burj Kalifa? How come I am in Dubai at the moment?oh .. there Tom Cruise executing the stunt from Burj Khalifa roof top.WTF!!!Petronas Tower standing next !!!Empire State Building,Eiffel Tower,Leaning Tower of Pisa...?. oh I was dying . Whats happened to me? I jumped from 160 floor.On my way down,I saw Stodard Temple,Enright House,Slotnick Buildings ;those described in Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead'.I hit the ground with a bang.

Time 5:30 am...
Opening my eyes,I saw myself displaced from my bed;lying on the floor with the TV Remote,Laptop,AutoCar Magazine,Football and the Novel.I felt pain creeping into my bones.My head was aching.I was immobile.Did I live in the Dream for real?

I don't know what happened in between. Some incidents just seems so vague that i can't even retrace them. By the way I saw some green pastures in between but can't develop the incident unfolded there.So Vague.

It was a dream inside a dream.It was INCEPTION!!!!

Now into the seriousness of this matter:- Our Subconscious mind always notes and records the mundane,important and un-important activities in our life and it gets played like a drama once the sub-consciousness the body and mind.
This is what is called THE AFTER EFFECT...

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