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Reality and Illusion

Are we living in a real world or everything an illusion?

It is a question that always arises especially when we are going through troubled times.A stigma when we tends to believe in nothing.We get satisfied assuming the mysteriousness in the reality.A way to sit back and mourn upon our hardships.

Here is what I believe that this universe is 'real' .This world is real. We are real. Our troubles are real and our life is real. What ever we come across the ordinate of time just exist exist no matter how micro it is or how macro it can be. Everything is real and the challenge is to face it and survive for existence.

Only illusion is our mind- the Human thought.That's how different religions ,different concepts of god and different ideologies came into existence.A conscious effort to synchronize the existence and non-existence.

Test for a return....


What is we call a struggle?

The stress in managing to keep the good shape of our family?Raising money for their expenses? Kids,their good education ,good dress,good food and so on....? Or is that the overwork for getting the construction of the dream house? Crores spend but still half way.heh.

Is that the effort required to come up the ranks to achieve our career goals?
Or the extra work we have to do to not hear the yell from the boss ? Or To impress him ?Or to study hard and earn toppers medal,coming from a turbulent family background?

What about the scenario where having all the wealth to make other envy but still lacking the moral satisfaction / mental health ? Like a delicious Briyani meal in-front of you but you can't have that as you are fasting !

A lover who lost his love to someone else.How he going to live his rest of the life if their love was so intense ? Isn't that a Struggle?

Earthquake,Tsunami,wars etc. Survivors and their hardships.

Think about the freedom fight. Was't that a struggle?

A dear mazing through the grasslands with a Cheetah poaching behind the long grass hide . A lonely plant right in the middle of a desert .Struggle for Survival ?

So by all these definitions and many more,is there a single living being that haven't experienced the exertion?

So is staying alive a struggle ? To live through each day a struggle ? Then why everyone love struggling as no one likes to die!

So my question arises.

Why all living things don't want to die even when they are going through the most difficult pains and even after knowing there is no way back?

Love Letter ....By The GUY

After a day's hectic work,he got himself refreshed .He leaned on to his curved bamboo chair with the usual note pad and his beloved parker pen.He started scripting his love.


Baby,Honey My Dear,

Its been 25 years, a month and fourteen days, my wait for you is still on and on and on.I think you also feel same as I am feeling right now.Sweetie,why haven't we still met at-least for once? I want you ,my darling.I want you so badly.

Each second,each minute,each hour,each day,each month,each year, I imagine a world only you and me.You are my all.You are the most happiest thing I can ever get in my life.When ever I imagine you,a joyous wave springs through my nerves.I am truly ,madly ,deeply in love with you.

I fancy those Special Moments when we are together.I can feel you are with me all the time yet I can't touch you.I can hear your heart beat yet i can't year your voice.But,may be its your persistence to hide from me that is driving me more closer towards you.

You my Angel ,You are the missing part of my heart.I can dream you all day - all night .Haven't you seen this? Can't you feel this? My dear, I waiting for you from times unmemorable and I will wait for you for all my life time.

I don't know how to end this letter but what I know is my love to you is infinite.

Love you...Love you... Love you... infinity.

The Guy


He completed his letter,took a sigh and laid flat on his bed with eyes open as if he was searching the moon,stars and constellations through the ceiling.He started Dreaming...

After Effect...

Some incident seems very strange ,some seems not.But now,I feel everything strange.It was all perfect until this happened last day.

After watching the action comedy serial CHUCK season 3 in AXN , I laid on my bed aimlessly,pointlessly and purposelessly.Soon I slipped into the usual repose mode.Later I woke an got dressed. I realize myself driving a Lambhorgini Revanton through a mid-lands highway chasing some Russian Agents.My ID Card read name as CHUCK BARTOWSKI,the FBI Undercover Spy.

En route,I touched Top Speed 205 MPH and next moment my Lambo got transformed into MV Agusta F4 CC .I felt floating as if there was the effect of magnetic levitation.

All of a sudden,the highway came to a dead - end.I was too little too late to apprehend depth of the trough and I was on a free fall.Somewhere down the lane I remember hearing the music 'Free Falling' by Tom Petty.

During the fall everything changed as I traveled down through a never ending hollow tube ,lights flashing all around with soft techno groove music and defying the Laws of gravitation .I closed my eyes while enduring a smooth transition.

Where am I now? Opening my eyes,I was astonished. I was in the middle of Old Trafford, 'The Theater of Dreams' ,wearing the legendary No 7 shirt.I could hear spectators chanting my name,Gaffer shouting from the touch line,players hustling -bustling for that while round ball. I felt very naive. what is this?

Yes..I was a Red Devil !!!! It was Manchester United taking on Chelsea on a crunch Sunday afternoon.Full time. Score tied at 1-1,last minute of Injury Time.Nani won a free kick withing the range.Unusually I stepped up to take the responsibility. I saw a huge wall of Chelsea players.My Heart Beat pounded.Ref whistled...I took a deep breath and unleashed myself.The Rest was History!!! I did a 'Bent it like Beckham' and the ball curled into the net.Its a GOAL!!!!Wild celebration followed;I got stacked by my fellas and I was at the bottom of a Manchester United Mountain.

Then I got a nod from someone.I soon realized those were my unorganized,fantasy dreams.I regained my consciousness and got dressed for my evening walk(this time for real).Got out of my house..wait a sec.How come I living in Burj Kalifa? How come I am in Dubai at the moment?oh .. there Tom Cruise executing the stunt from Burj Khalifa roof top.WTF!!!Petronas Tower standing next !!!Empire State Building,Eiffel Tower,Leaning Tower of Pisa...?. oh I was dying . Whats happened to me? I jumped from 160 floor.On my way down,I saw Stodard Temple,Enright House,Slotnick Buildings ;those described in Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead'.I hit the ground with a bang.

Time 5:30 am...
Opening my eyes,I saw myself displaced from my bed;lying on the floor with the TV Remote,Laptop,AutoCar Magazine,Football and the Novel.I felt pain creeping into my bones.My head was aching.I was immobile.Did I live in the Dream for real?

I don't know what happened in between. Some incidents just seems so vague that i can't even retrace them. By the way I saw some green pastures in between but can't develop the incident unfolded there.So Vague.

It was a dream inside a dream.It was INCEPTION!!!!

Now into the seriousness of this matter:- Our Subconscious mind always notes and records the mundane,important and un-important activities in our life and it gets played like a drama once the sub-consciousness the body and mind.
This is what is called THE AFTER EFFECT...

The Wind.

Nice to see my page still working.

And so,here I am back with my Informal Ideas....

The perpetual journey through the ocean of life is making me realizing the bliss and the agony.I often feel life is like the waves created by the action of Wind.The trough and the crest,the amplitude and the frequency , all depends upon the intensity of the Mighty Wind.How can we interpret 'The Wind' in our lives? This is rather a simple question with complicated answers and it varies from individual to individual.

My perception of Wind took me through the path of Self Consciousness- the quality that can help us in discerning our character,understanding conscience,ethics and guide us to the point where our inner and external souls meet.Self consciousness can travel us through the challenges in life ;the route I should follow so that I can see the ones around me happy and down the line I can analyze my accomplishments.

Now,the "Challenge' plays important role in determining our 'Wind'.That is why i believe there is no clear cut definitions for that simple word. So what is your thought on it ? How you feel your 'Wind' is?

Once Upon a Dawn....

A new dawn, another dream;
a new vision,another mission;
Hope for a wonderful today and a exciting tomorrow.

This piece of canvass was inspired from the thought "Start of a Wonderful Today."

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