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The Wind.

Nice to see my page still working.

And so,here I am back with my Informal Ideas....

The perpetual journey through the ocean of life is making me realizing the bliss and the agony.I often feel life is like the waves created by the action of Wind.The trough and the crest,the amplitude and the frequency , all depends upon the intensity of the Mighty Wind.How can we interpret 'The Wind' in our lives? This is rather a simple question with complicated answers and it varies from individual to individual.

My perception of Wind took me through the path of Self Consciousness- the quality that can help us in discerning our character,understanding conscience,ethics and guide us to the point where our inner and external souls meet.Self consciousness can travel us through the challenges in life ;the route I should follow so that I can see the ones around me happy and down the line I can analyze my accomplishments.

Now,the "Challenge' plays important role in determining our 'Wind'.That is why i believe there is no clear cut definitions for that simple word. So what is your thought on it ? How you feel your 'Wind' is?


Shorn Jacob said...

u say that there is a wind that flows n directs the lives of people, even if it appears to be in a random style ??

so,,u not an atheist anymore???

rahul s said...


hey buddy ,
yea i m saying there a wind that directs our life... that mold our thoughts.. that defines our existence..

but it can be of any sort.. to me the Challenge is to realize myself..to become more alert aware of my existence and to Spread Happiness in my circumference....

For Some people ,the challenge may be to make more money, to be famous,to help others, to murder some-one,to spred terror etc etc..

there is nothing to do with theism -atheism stuffs.. :-)I am standin on the same side. hope you got cleared. :-)

Shorn Jacob said...

not cleared.

either u say u r all on your own or accept that there is a wind which will take us through our journey..

R. Ramesh said...

hey buddy nice to c ya back...sugannthanne? entha visesham? yr blog looks awesome now...cheers.


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