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The Wind.

Nice to see my page still working.

And so,here I am back with my Informal Ideas....

The perpetual journey through the ocean of life is making me realizing the bliss and the agony.I often feel life is like the waves created by the action of Wind.The trough and the crest,the amplitude and the frequency , all depends upon the intensity of the Mighty Wind.How can we interpret 'The Wind' in our lives? This is rather a simple question with complicated answers and it varies from individual to individual.

My perception of Wind took me through the path of Self Consciousness- the quality that can help us in discerning our character,understanding conscience,ethics and guide us to the point where our inner and external souls meet.Self consciousness can travel us through the challenges in life ;the route I should follow so that I can see the ones around me happy and down the line I can analyze my accomplishments.

Now,the "Challenge' plays important role in determining our 'Wind'.That is why i believe there is no clear cut definitions for that simple word. So what is your thought on it ? How you feel your 'Wind' is?

Once Upon a Dawn....

A new dawn, another dream;
a new vision,another mission;
Hope for a wonderful today and a exciting tomorrow.

This piece of canvass was inspired from the thought "Start of a Wonderful Today."

Office timing.

Monday 8 30 am

Boss : Why you so late today?You know what is time now?

Me : Sir, I am extremely sorry.Sir,Actually ,I am suffering from asthma.I am finding it very difficult with this winter.
Sir,I have a small request.Can I get a shift in my office timing from 7am to 8 am? Sir,I will compensate the work time working 1 hr after office hours.If you want I will bring my doctor's certificate.

Boss: hmm..By the way ,you finished the documentation? That I gave you yesterday.

Me : Yes Sir,I had completed it yesterday itself.

Boss : Oh...good..it is ok.Let me see then.

Evening 5 30
Deepak's CD shop

Deepak : Arre Bhaai, Why you late today? How was the day?

Me : Yaar ,had some work to finish.Hey,good news. I got my office timing shifted to 8 .ha ha..

Abhishek : Oye,u Saale,cool yaar.You applied the same trick .

Me: he he,,yea..jus approached in a sentimental way.Same old Asthma story.

Deepak: Haah..You are a born fraud.So ...what's plan all night?Online chatting?Movies? heh.

Me :Nah... Nothin much.Hey Abhishek ,it's your birthday today na..Happy b'day wishes yaar...So you planning for a party tonight?

Deepak : Abhishek,your birthday?? Well so in that case you should treat us tonight.

Abhishek : thanks thanks...err but tomorrow I have to go for work.Will plan a treat later.Arre you also have to go to work na.

Me : oh ..it's not a problem.I have gotta shift na.You don've to say anything.It's all set.You treating us today.So wat's it?? RS or Signature? I prefer RS.

Abhishek :eh..ke ke..heh..We will meet at your home ,9'o clock. ke Deepak ?

Deepak : Done.

Night,9'clock - Party time.
12 am ,mid night - Party continues.

4 am ,early morning -

Me- ah..t ws fantastasttic.njoyed hellaoot.lime gom to sleeeop.gudnite gus.

Abhishek :ah..kek..hes off..i m too gonna sleep gudnite deepal.

Deepak : gunite..gusni.

Tuesday 10 30 am

Boss : Well common saaair,what is the time on your clock ? Well I got your officetime shifted and now what are you going to say? I can't tolerate this!!!!

Me : Sir,I am extremely sorry Sir. Sir, Actually ,I am undergoing a medication for Asthma.The medicine is a bit sedative and its effect will sustain for a period more than the normal sleeping hours.Sir,That's why.Sorry Sir.
Sir,I have a small request.Can I get my office timing changed to 10 am - 7 pm ??????


PS. This is just an imaginary story.The Me in the story is no way related to the real ME.If anyone feels any similarities between Me and ME ,its just a coincidence. :-p.


Flowing through the life like the water in a river,
Melted into it like the air in the universe.

Long search for a way to spiritual happiness took me no where.I was frozen in my room not even able to scribble on my web page.Variegated beliefs and nuance practices made me sick and sad being unable to find any solace.
I realize nothing but the formal ways of worship is just one of the thousand methods to attain inner happiness.But ,now being antagonist,it seems I am much more happier.Flowing with the life, with no limits and no constraints.More stronger, mentally and physically.
Worship can never be confined to the walls of church or temple.For it is an attitude towards life,a response to the universe around us,a diligence to the experiences that come along us.


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