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Flowing through the life like the water in a river,
Melted into it like the air in the universe.

Long search for a way to spiritual happiness took me no where.I was frozen in my room not even able to scribble on my web page.Variegated beliefs and nuance practices made me sick and sad being unable to find any solace.
I realize nothing but the formal ways of worship is just one of the thousand methods to attain inner happiness.But ,now being antagonist,it seems I am much more happier.Flowing with the life, with no limits and no constraints.More stronger, mentally and physically.
Worship can never be confined to the walls of church or temple.For it is an attitude towards life,a response to the universe around us,a diligence to the experiences that come along us.


Chatterbox said...

Wow! what a wonderful come back post in the new year :)
Good to see a post from you after a very long break.

Stay in touch Rahul and keep up the wonderful work :)

Happy New Year :D


R. Ramesh said...

brilliant buddy..cheers and nice to c ya back..

shreeny said...

Right. Its all in the mind. When we are neck down in shit and someone gives us a helping hand, or even a word of solace, what we feel towards the person is a form of worship too! It takes many forms, many faces. Religion and religious practices and blind following of traditions is where the problem lies.

rahul s said...

@ chatterbox

thankyou dear..yea sure will keep in touch blogging more frequently..

wishing u a wonderful year ahead.. :-p.

rahul s said...

chetta how was ure trip? guess it was fantastic... :-p.

rahul s said...


very much the truth..still people like to remain in this shelter of practices...anyway the life goes on..heh :-p.

Shas said...

Very well said.
Spirituality is a state of mind. It cannot be attained unless there is harmony between the mind, body n soul.

Insignia said...

I just so agree with you.
Religion and all that are created by man for his convenience


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