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A look back to my village...

I spent a large chunk of my educational days in rural-semi rural regions of Kerala.When we shifted to Cochin,obviously it was a hard process for me to cop up with the so called metropolitan life.
I often found it dificult to perch between my traditional thoughts and city concepts.
Earlier at times,I thought it better for me to go back to my village .The mechanical life,the daily hurry- burry,tension,pollution,hard life...these were the general perception of mine about a city.

Last week I had a trip back to my village after a very long time and I couldn't resist recalling those good old days.Thinking of those days in Edathuva,23 kms southeast of Alleppey,the aura still keeps coming ...from somewhere,some how...The memory owerpowered me like a salt tide flooding into an estuary.

Cuckoos where the first one to wake me up every morning.Even before my mother.They were like natural alarms.Evenmore efficient and never needed any batteries to run on. En route to my school ,the paddy fields ,elaborate network of canals bringing water and wet cows mazing tender green grass were too good scenes that I never remeber to forget.

The air was fresh even in the afternoons and when I was back from my school,I never felt any tiredness.I still remember...I rush to the near by uncultivated paddy field where we childhood friends played cricket and football according to the seasons.When it was raining,we prefered football and got mixed with the soil and digged the land better than how a tractor does.

I cherished my summer days.Cricket was the main sport but the 'stadium' remained the same.Even though I was the worst cricketer on the pitch,it was just a fun soaking under the heat of sun and a mild sun stroke.Visitng my relatives was the next big hobby.Used to get a boat or an ordinary trademark transport bus with busted edges and leaking roofs .

Rains made my village gorgeous and she was more sexy during this period of the year.The light greens,brown shades turned into intense green with a bluish ingrain.The river often flooded and I could easliy touch the water within two steps down my house's front door.At this time,even a seeve was enough for me to do fishing .

I learned to swin in the sacred river Pamba which brused up the banks near my house.Instead of tubes,we used fiber stem of banana trees that always listened to the bouyancy theory.

My pets cows,dogs,cats....roosteers,ducks,crows,kooyil,sparrow,humming birds....and occasional visitors like rat-snakes,cobras,mangoose etc etc.

The festivals..onam,vishu,christmas etc...there it was a heritage ..the Utsavams in temples and Perunals in churches...it was a celebration...the boat races...etc etc.No matter whether its happiness or sorrow,the men over there shared it around a bottle at Toddy Shops(Kallu Shap).

Eh..It was a time....And now I am a transformed metro man....But deep in my inner mind,I would like to remain as a village boy..For always and forever..

Tribute to the King of Pop...

Today I woke at 5.30 a.m as I had to pick my dad from railway station.It was drizziling outside.Cloudy,gloomy and dark...Felt as if it's going to be a mournful day.Hoping that I'll be proved wroved wrong,I went to railway station.
Came back home ,I could'nt restart my sleep.I tuned into the system and opened my orkut.Searching for any transfer news in the manchester united's community,First forum I saw was (off topic) Michael Jackson died.At first I thought it was just a spam.Just to fool others.Their was a link inside http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8119951.stm.

Opening BBC New's link I was shocked.I rushed to TV in search of more reliable options.CNN,BBC,IBN,Times Now...all reporting the same.
I couldn't speak anything for a moment.Shellshocked was I felled on to my sofa.Is this just another bad dream?? Hmm..I really wished it was..I wished that topic was a spam...
I don't remember any other celebrity who has achieved much as fame as MJ and attracted controversies like he did.He revolutionized the pop music ..The passion,happiness and love associated with his songs were just magical..hypnotizing.
Off the wall ,Thriller,Bad,Dangerous,History,Invincible...
Beat it..,Bilie Jean,.rock with you,Human nature,Smooth criminal,ABC,Shake Your Body,Heal the world......

His stage shows...His moon walks...his electrified performances ...

Striffs he indulged with...accusations,sex scandels,child sex,court battles,marriages...Even those incidences never brought his image down.

His complicated life style..personality..celebrity..worldwide fan base..his achievements..fame..glory..

At 50...much was left in him.
We are going to miss everything.....His 50 comback concerts tipped for starting next month..evrything...
I am off.....gonna stop writing about him now...I don't know how to respond.More I'm writing more bad I am feeling.
Only his body is going to dematerialize ..his soul,his songs,his magic ...it's imortal.

I was thinking...the elements of unpredictability in life sometimes turn out to be such a cruel business.

May his soul rest in peace....Long live his music...


I was on a journey back to Cochin all the way from Aleppey.Sitting on the front non driver seat, not an easy job for me these days.In fact travels are not a fascination for me anymore.I tried to escape myself from this stinky feelin by bidding into the Sidney Sheldon thriller, I recently bought from a bookfest at a reduced cost.The accelerating air in to my face explained me the principles of air resistance and fluid motion.Still I tried to keep my eyes open,but I was failed attrociously .I was into a dream....

I was in somewhere , an unknown place, a city ,a calm environmen.Its almost a faint memmory and too hard to figure it out .So I am going to assume some names to these places (just for the sake of reading).Guess it was Santiago,Chile's capital.Today's Sancahram in Asianet News was about this Chilean Capital.So obviously it may be the same place.But to my wonder, there was a lady with me.I dont know ...Who she is? From where did she come? And was she really with me?eh. I remember her face covered in the mist.Was she a latin american beauty?A european goddess an asian angel or an indian diva ?Any way I was enjoying my moments with her.The president's palace, fountain,spanish & french sculputres,landscapes,blue daisies, every where we went ,it was so joyful.As if we were in contract of a bollywood film,it took seconds to swap from place to place.Were we dancing??Hmm guess not.huh.Chatting,chatting,chatting...that was we were doing all the time.What was the subject? ...I have no idea.I think she was enjoying like I was.We were sitting opposite each other across the dazzling table in Lou Vicente Santana Cafe.Her face was like a shade under the dim candle light.I was noting out the menu card and that is the way I remembers the cafe name.Waiting after the orders,we resumed our talk.And that moment came when I ,she leaned forward for a romantic kiss.I inclide my head best suiting for the kiss and her eyes were closed.But suddenly the lights went off and a jet of strong wind hit me....

I heard my brother screaming at me."Hey u sleeping huh? We reached the Arookutti toll.Do you have 5rs for it? I am not having any coin." With not much time to spend static,I hurried in my pocket and settled the bill.I was annoyed,though they never knew what was i doin eh..So no complaints.I tried to restart my tape of dream but it never happend.By the time we reached our parking lot.There she went .Went with the wind.I wished it was an eternal dream.Unceasing and timeless ,filled with all the buoyant mood on this earth.Was she the one I was looking for?I wonder...will this lady and this dream ever return to me.I hope so.Waiting...and waiting...


Political Drama.

Today I got a mail with these pictures..
I understood how nasty are our political dramas....

Plastic tub used by Rahul Gandhi and hardly can see any stone in it.The lady moving on barefoots where Rahul on his canvas.For what is he doing for? eh
Born with golden ring na...how can he sacrifice his luxury ? huh. Is he seeing the millions who are struggling for atleast a day's meal?
Anyway the pose was good for any snap for publicity.

Daily Money for Karunanidhi(DMK)

Fasting for the tamilians in srilanka... Had his breakfast ,started 'fasting' and by noon, ceasefire was announced by Srilankan govt ,fasting ended ,had his lunch...
Look the way he is resting..with air conditioners working on his side...!! huh..can't he survive even a half day without them when millions work suffering the summer heat.
Oh..he is sacrificing a lot for the welfare of 'his' people !!!

I am embarrassed ..But realizing that these frames helped in enhancing their political image, there is no use me getting shamefaced . Come on....this is what is called 'POLITRICKS'.
What more should I expect from them? huh.


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