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A painful Reality. 8-(

A break .... I took it purposefully.I just wanted to know how and what impact one's in-activeness can cause.I just wanted to experience the pain of how to control our addiction (recently,blogging became my passion).Well I got the results.

Its impossible to resist our addictions.No wonder why smokers and drinkers take too much pain ( I understood your problem,you guys..!! heh). And the impact, its directly proportional as I have noticed my viewership count per day going down steeply and sharply.Also the number of response reduced.

Now , straight to the business.I was deprived of the 'scenery' of extreme poverty and slum based life until I had a recent tour to central India.An incident I came across during my life's flow is still clinging in me like a bell all the time.Its irritating.It cannot be purely classified into the group of 'incident' but its actually the reality.Reality of a 'Shining ' 'developing' nation or a third world country...

This city has got unique mode of city travels.Minibuses,Magiks ans rickshaws makes the face of the city.My experience with the minibus started with an unimpressive note when the money collector fooled me by demanding Rs 12 ticket instead of 5 .This resulted me in using Magiks more often than buses.Also Magiks were more comfortable,newer and cleaner.

One day when I was travelling in one of those magiks ,a family of five boarded it.A father ,a mother and three children.They took the seat opposite to mine and so I could see their faces .I still remember the faces like a clear crystal.I could do it neither because they were looking attractive .In fact they were just like the one in millions of those who belonged to families of below average richness level .It was pathetic.

Three children ,one at most four years of age,another not more than two and the last may be a year old.But the eldest one and the second one never looked like one from their age .I assumed their age giving ample time gap in between.Anyone could see the extreme degree of under-nutrition on their faces.Their face dia was just equal to the smallest of the cabbages you can buy from the market.Their eyes were drooping and they were silent .The youngest one was hardly visible and he was tightly secured in his mothers arms.The condition of the mother and father were equally worse likt these children.Maybe they have suffered even more difficult times during their childhood.Who knows eh..!

As I watched ,they detrained from the vehicle and went into oblivion...

Frankly speaking , I am experiencing this for the first time..this is the India's other side of the coin.I guess the situations in other third world countries are similar.There may be billions of people across the continent who share the same misfortunes.There are many things which we haven't seen and we haven't heard.There are many.Can I do something for them? I don't know yet.For some problems, its hard to get solutions.

Is there any sort of solution? At least in the smallest of ways? Please share it . Please.

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