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Mansoon Effect.

Last night it was heavy raining that it was too cold to wake up today.Time was around 8.00 a.m and I was still on my bed thinking of giving a break to my work.Under the blanket,I felt like floating in the arctic sea.Cold kept creeping into the body through my legs,but it was a nice feeling.

"Ohm Mangalam Mangalam.........." It was my mobile.

"Arae you didn't wake till now?Come wake up.Its already late for you." As usual it was my mother.She always does this to me.eh.

"Hello..Amma ..I will.You don't have to tell this everyday.Can't you see ,I have grown up." I was rather disturbed and I was arrogant.She cut the call. I resumed my sleep.

"Ohm Mangalam Mangalam........" Again this stupid thing...!

"Hey...my Hero ....still sleeping kya? Wake up wake up.I have 10 minutes time to talk with you."The sound was sweet and feminine and she was my Girl friend ( sorry mum..I have never told you).But sometimes upsetting our sleep by the most sugarful voice is disgusting.

"Yea...oney............tell..I 'll listen..eh. " I was half sleeping.

She was talking and talking.I was unintersetd in everything and responded with a mere hum.

"Hey ..why you not talking anything? come on da."

"Da..I will call you after some time. I am little busy now .Please yaar."

"eh..You don show the same affection you showed to me earlier.I will show you" She shouted at me and ended the call.

Shit..!eh..But at that moment all I wanted to concentrate was my sleep.

"Ohm Mangalam Mangalam......... " Who invented this bullshit..? I was really really frustrated with this crap equipment.

"Helllllo....." I fear my sound went tough this time.

"I am Mr.Devashish "

"Oh..Sir, Good morning Sir."I should have checked the number before yelling.eh.Sure I will get from him for this.

"Your presentation is assigned at 8.30 right? Its already 8.15...Where are you? Guess you are on your way . Try to speed up.We all are waiting for you."

"Sir..yes sir..I am on my way...Will reach in 10 minutes."I had no other option.

" 10 mins?? I must see you here in 5 mins"

" Sir ,I am trying.but its blocked over here"

"okkey...come fast"

I finished the call and looked at the clock.I could do nothing but laugh.
Hmmm...this may be what is called a 'Monsoon Effect' !!!

Guess you had similar experiences na? Am I alone?

When clock rotated backwards....a Reunion...

Time span takes a lot from us.It makes us more responsible and more eccentric.It loots our youthfulness and free flying life.It poles our friendships,school, college,by at least the physical presence.It promotes us to get settled.

Recently,the wedding party of my friend's sister turned out to a rostrum for a reunion.The memories flown back to each of our mind like tides receding the shore.Those days in our college,inseparable friendships,laugh-outs and pulling legs and eventually with the mix of time got dispersed into different corners of life. eh..Nostalgia..No one could resist it.A feeling that's so amazing and joyful for moments and later when we are alone, assemblage as an aggregate of ecstatic yesterday and painful today.Some of us last saw each other almost a year back.But last Saturday,the same 'time element' brought us together,rewinding those good old recollections.

All friendships starts from silly chats,dialogues,laugh outs,
freak outs,sketching(chick watching.. :-p. ),smokes and drinks ( hot or cold).Everyone preserved these flavours and it was magnificently visible at the party and thereafter.By the way, we met each other for the first time in a year at our great Bay Pride Mall (the heaviest collection center in Cochin...lolz..) We also gave a visit to the Convent junction (St.Teresa convent junction is always famous for the nearby women's college ) and paid our tribute to the hottest babes.Being Saturday the population was less than normal, but we adjusted.In search of more beauties,we moved to Oberon Mall, the new outing space of Cochin.It was better and sketched to the core (ha ha wat else we will do there ? eh). We oscillated up and down like a spring just out of stress and the escalators helped us to catch our preys pretty quick.It could have made easier for us if they had provided sitting corners.Standing for three or so hours was a bit hard which lazy guys like us never used to do.

Our next pit stop was day before the marriage ceremony ( mailanji kalyanam) and at night our celebrations started with as usually our favourite drinks(!!!) .The guitarist played his guitar and it was fun.Songs came out from everyone (even from the most silent one.. is that me?? eh) .Nenjukkul paithidum,minnalazhake ,pappa kehate hai,summer of sixty nine , and many other rock songs.Those moments were truly magical.Frankly, I never thought it would be such a beautiful one.Enjoyment was to the fullest(if there is a word like that),forgetting all the sorrows and miseries of the recession hard hit college after days.Even the patrol police stopped a few minutes in front of our gates because such was the level of noise at 12 am midnight.But after some silent filled minutes,we blabbered and blabbered and blabbered .It seemed endless until 3 - 3.30 when the toll of sleepiness creeped into our head.I hoped it could carried on for ever.But life's reality is a different one na..heh.

Next day ,we attended the marriage .Some of our friends who couldn't make it for the day before party came on that day.Happy that I could see them also.In Kerala ,marriages are during day time unlike those in Northern India.The lunch was heavy.Then we had some photo sessions with the bride and groom and our own (ha ha) on the stage.Time constrained our plans for any further trips.So we decided to feel the breeze of Aluva Manalppuram and the Periyar river side.Sun was blazing but it was fun.And sad that it was the disseminating point.Some had to catch the bus,train.Some had to join their work.Some had to travel back to home and some had other business.Two days where like two years.I guess all of us underwent the same feelings and emotions as I did or better than I did.

And this is a part of life.Mix of happiness and unhappiness.A pastry of dear one around us and loneliness.Now I am alone.I know tomorrow also I will be alone.But ,I can see there is a day when we can meet again like this.There where some others who missed this.I dedicate this blog to all those whom I missed there.There is no need of thanking our sweet friend for inviting all us us coz even without inviting we would have poached the function.'We don have any shame' lolz..His sister is ours sister too..Obviously its our duty na..

One thing I understood.We enjoyed our college life and we miss those days now.I also found out an intersting fact - even if one starts earning in lakhs,even if one is not working ,even if one is pursuing masters degree from hign profile college,even if from a low profile college, even if we are meeting after a long time ,we will remain as 'WE' for ever.Character never changes ..never!!!We will be friends for ever.And ever.

I am hundred percent sure ,everyone had their own unions and reunions.How was yours??

An experiment with colours...

The first work after I re-discovered the ARTIST in me ....

For Six years ,I was out of touch,
For Six years,I never saw the brush.
I thought I had forgotten the colours,
I thought my tubes were dry and my pallet was lost...

But,Somewhere down the line,it was still there...And here it came...

The world after our death...

'"How will be the world after our death looking like ? "I asked this question to my mother.She was washing plates and uninterestingly she replied,"aah..I don't know.I am alive now and never ask such questions to me."She was irritated by my doubt .

I asked the same question to my brother."nah..I 've no idea..better you put an sms to my cell after you die,......Hell , may be..heh..atleast I will know that when I am alive" . In a flashhe responded. " Sure da..but I don't know whether the mobile network is available over there..huh..".I ran away from him.

I brought this question when I was chatting with my friend who just came from abroad." Ha ha..No one is bothered to see the world properly when
they are alive.Then why are you bothered to see world after death? "...."hmmm...That's true"..I whispered.

" Nonsense! I have no time to answer your foolish question" my dad responded a little harshly because I was interupting his work.I have no other choice other than to leave his place without any answer.

When I got back home,my mum's 6th standard tuition kid was sitting there with his face doomed into his english textbook.I decided to try my luck on
The kid replied ,"hey I guess its easy..If we donate your eyes after your death we can see world through another person na....hehe.. how is my idea?"....

Wow !!...What an innocent and honest reply...I never thought of such an option.But a child like him did..! eh..I realized it was some sort of answer I was looking for..."Well done boy and thanks for your answer".I said ,with a hug.

What is your answer ?? Well, is there any better answer than this?

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