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Do you have the Power in you?

When my friend got into an altercation with another my classmate,a guy who intermediated to resolve the case turned up and advised "hey,why are you fighting with him? You know who his Dad is? Don't forget he is a rich business man.He's got money ,he's got power and he can do anything against you"

Isn't this how many of us think of Power - the richest man in the city or the one who can control others?

Searching different web pages for a rather philosphical meaning of Power,I ended up on the concept of 'Inner Purity' .Great peronalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King,Mother Teresa ,all influenced people not because of their bank balance .They were all 'authentic' .They were all true to oneself and open to all.They could change a community by being oneself.That is the 'True Eternal Power'. The earlier is just virtual,illusion and it perishes when one looses his material.

Do you have the power in you?

Have you ever attempted to know your self and asked "how can I make my life count for something?" ?

Have you been tired of fatigued of being suppresed of your ideas?

Do you love your self an give respect to others values like you do yourself ?

Do you have the direction in which your life is meant to go?

Have you got the access to your own spirit of soul ?

Are you in the right place at the right time?

To be onself is a human and univeral power which brings with it a cornucopia of blessings.Attaining openness is a life time endeavour and no body can make it all the way.We can just travel through the path as much as we can and something we learn day by day,implement in our lives.According to my web based research, here are some ways to begin the journey-

-Pay attention to the sourrounding,inwardly and outwardly.

-Try to think differently,don't be shy in doing that and its not a wrong thing to do .

-Soltitude is the heart of self knowledge.Amalgamation of ideas takes place only when we are left alone.Being alone will make us realize what is good and what is wrong for us.This process makes us tougher inwards and tenderer outwards. Trust me.I have the experience.

Life is a curious journey.It becomes more intersting when we start living with the 'True Power'.

Do you have the power in you?


Chatterbox said...

Excellent work Rahul.
Most of us (including me) think about the outcome of an argument or a fight with people who have a strong (read powerful and influential)backing as something best avoided.

Thanks for sharing those thought provoking and inspirational questions and thoughts.

FishHawk said...

"Purely Informal" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


Prashant said...


Really thought provoking post. The concept of power changes with time. There was a time when physical strength was power. Now, with globalization - Money is power and that in turn is (slowly) translating to knowledge.

Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc were powerful. In the light of these examples, we can say that anything that can influence people is powerful - be it money or some good qualities.

HaRy!! said...

hmm very true with the way Power is potrayed across!! Indeed each self need to realise the power within and unleash it! provoking one indeed!

rahul s said...


hey thanks for those words of appreciation..
yea even me thoght of the same thing when i was younger...because we fear of this type of power..but imagine the same powerful person losing all the money or his position..he will be left all alone..thats y i think power of money is virtual.

rahul s said...

hey,friend ..

thanks including me in ure site..thanks for the help.. :-p.

rahul s said...


yea..nice overall defenition for power.. :-p.

in ancient days power was compare with hercules..now its money,money and money.Power automatically accompanies money.I hope it changes to knowledge atleast everyone will get a fair chance. :-p.

rahul s said...

we can bring the real power inside us only when we realize ourselves.for that we should have a clear mind so that thinking process takes place well .

thanks for stoppin here are inclding ure views. :-p.

workhard said...

Very intense thougts.. like ur post..


Both the pics are inspiration for my paintings..still working onit

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rahul s said...

@ work hard
thanks for the replies..

whishing ure paintings turn out to be magnificent. :-p.

Anonymous said...

well..speaking of power..
do u realise we do not even have the power or control over our lives even? mechanically we wake up daily n go for work or school or coll or whtever.. and mechanically we study..and then mechanically we work.. if given an option, wud we choose to do all these or not to?sadly no option. its jus implied. no power over even daily life. like, one day leave ke liye boss ka permission..
so, we dont even have this sorta basic control n power..whts the point thinking about all this spirituality then.. hehe enough of my view.. hmm the concept is good :)

rahul s said...

@ shreeny

yea..you exactly said it.Its the thinking of almost everyone.Almost.We always work for others.Almost just like a 'Paid Slaves' ,so havin all sorts of constraints and limitations in our actions? Is there any other option?Well there is.But its not easy.

Well the Ambanis,Tatas ,Bajaj's all control their lives by themselves..Also the other enterprenuers and other busines peoples.I know i m too ambittious,but still if they can do it ,why cant we?

shamin said...

hmmm.. dats a different way to look at power.. good work.. keep coming up with such good and diff ideas.. :)

HaRy!! said...

lovely recent fotos dude!!

Stupidosaur said...

Wow! The violet sky pic is really too good! Real and unedited? What time/season/place has such a sky?!!!

Anyways, feeling Roarkish much? Good!Good!

I guess your reply (if any) is gonna end with a :-P eh?


rahul s said...

@ hary

thanks dude...i m tryin to include more fotos but some glitch..

rahul s said...

@ stupidosaur

hehe...evryones gotta some trademark na...n i feel somethin missing if i din include :-p.

well about violet sky...some evening ,skies tend to be slight violetish......especially early in the mornin..only a slight..but a good camera can absorb it. :-p. ...

R. Ramesh said...

big philosophy fm young man..cheers buddy...entha visesham..?

rahul s said...


Chetta, its after a long time I m seeing you in my space...Life is at some exciting point...lets see how the excitment turns out to be.. heh. Avide enthundu visheshamz?


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