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Livin another festival season.

Unaffected by transformation through these years,

Life changed,routines modified,

People changed,styles westernized,

Cities changed,villages modernized,

Even season's patern took a U-turn,

Yet,the spirit,

the spirit of festivals remains unchanged.

Happy Diwali wishes to all of you.. :-p.

Another Diwali season on the way.Well its obvious everyone has had some moments from their previous celebrations that reverberates on and on and on.

I still remember my Onam when I was in eight standard.It was holiday time and we played cricket during holidays.I was 'bedazzled' when the superfast delivery from the pacer hit my 'balls' .Eventhough,intially they took it as a comedy,the tone changed when I fainted.The next day I saw myself on a bed in the second floor of nearby hospital.Celebrating a festival in the hospital ward turned out to be wonderful experince coz all my friends were around me .While discharging,the doctor asked me with a pleasing smile,"will you come here during next year also?? !! it was so cool having of you people here at this point of time"
I replied "hmmm..sir, then I will try playing cricket only next year at this same time .heh".

How is your experience all about? Love ,funny,affection anythin it may be...


shreeny said...

hey cool writing.. hmm i seriously miss the vacations in our flat.. the cricket, hide and seek, and total carefree mood and all tht fun.. life will neva be like tht again, wat say.. happy deepavali bro :)

R. Ramesh said...

thanks buddy

music mania said...

your way of communication is so funny:) utterly.

Happy Diwali to you too! such a dazzling blog you've.

Deviki @ Viki said...

Happy (belated) Diwali to you ....hope you have a great holiday with your family and friends

rahul s said...

thanks buddy..
n yea lifes always changin..n lost moments are lost for ever..look out for new ones.. :-p.

rahul s said...


thanks chetta .how re u? belated diwali wishes.

rahul s said...

@music mania

hey...thanks my friend..n how was re diwali? xpectin a poem on celebrations ..very soon eh

rahul s said...


hey...thanks for the wishes..
n yea..i celebrated but not with my family ..coz i m some 3600 kms away from my home..heh.

workhard said...

Hey that is so true.. the spirit of Diwali will never die out...

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workhard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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