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What is we call a struggle?

The stress in managing to keep the good shape of our family?Raising money for their expenses? Kids,their good education ,good dress,good food and so on....? Or is that the overwork for getting the construction of the dream house? Crores spend but still half way.heh.

Is that the effort required to come up the ranks to achieve our career goals?
Or the extra work we have to do to not hear the yell from the boss ? Or To impress him ?Or to study hard and earn toppers medal,coming from a turbulent family background?

What about the scenario where having all the wealth to make other envy but still lacking the moral satisfaction / mental health ? Like a delicious Briyani meal in-front of you but you can't have that as you are fasting !

A lover who lost his love to someone else.How he going to live his rest of the life if their love was so intense ? Isn't that a Struggle?

Earthquake,Tsunami,wars etc. Survivors and their hardships.

Think about the freedom fight. Was't that a struggle?

A dear mazing through the grasslands with a Cheetah poaching behind the long grass hide . A lonely plant right in the middle of a desert .Struggle for Survival ?

So by all these definitions and many more,is there a single living being that haven't experienced the exertion?

So is staying alive a struggle ? To live through each day a struggle ? Then why everyone love struggling as no one likes to die!

So my question arises.

Why all living things don't want to die even when they are going through the most difficult pains and even after knowing there is no way back?


Sarath said...
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Sarath said...

I wonder why you finally concluded the article by calling your question weird. Infact, it is a good read, and a valid point you have made. There is no particular answer for that question though, its just the way human brains are programmed to think. Anyway keep up the good work and come up with many more articles. Cheers!

Shorn Jacob said...

I think "No one struggles all the time." A time for a sow, a time for reap. A time for struggling and another time for reaping the benefits. Mind is programmed to forget. No one gets pained thinking of struggles one went through 10 or 20 years back, but only a sense of satisfaction. Everyone has their moments of happiness. Cheers!

Hari Akkavajhula said...

The answer hits straight on what is called 'karma siddhtanta' in sanatana dharma...something that can't be understood in one's life time!

Mak Preist said...



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